Welcome, to INNOV8 functional fitness & mobility, where you’ll find things are done a little differently to everyone else. Why? Because we don’t do what everyone else does!

Here at INNOV8 you won’t find treadmills, cross-trainers or spin bikes. You won’t find us doing bench presses or leg extensions, and you definitely won’t be doing bicep curls in front of the mirror.

For us, it’s all about function, exercises designed for life outside of the gym floor. We’re not worried about how much weight you can lift in a straight line. We find how much weight you can lift in as many directions as possible. We’re only interested in your body becoming the most functional it’s ever been.

We think in terms of movement over muscles, ability over aesthetics, function & flexibility over beach-ready biceps. Sure, you can still get in shape, and you can still build muscle, but we’ll do it in a way that benefits you so much more than traditional gym workouts.

So, rather than being like most who go to the gym & stagnate, give us a call and INNOV8 your training.

Moving your body to help you heal

Do you suffer from back pain, joint pain, neck pain, muscle soreness?

Do old injuries restrict your movement?

Do you feel frustrated that no matter what you try they just do not seem to get better?

Are everyday activities affected by your own body, leaving you tired and feeling old?

Perhaps you are looking to improve your strength and flexibility to help your sporting performance?

We can change your life!

INNOV8 brings a completely unique approach to healing your body which allows you to become fitter, stronger and pain-free so you can get back to enjoying life.

We’ll combine functional exercises alongside neural based treatments, that work on solving the core issues you are facing. Each session can be tailored to your individual health needs. Together we’ll work on improving your strength and flexibility to help heal your body through movement.

Benefits of working with us

A unique approach to fitness and wellbeing

We take a unique and flexible approach to each session. Innov8’s extensive knowledge of how the body and mind work is based upon almost 20 years of experience. We’ve learnt from and trained with some of the top minds in the health and fitness industry. Pulling from that knowledge, we’ll choose the best option to work on whatever is bothering you at that time.

Physical training and body therapy fusion

By using our unique methods, combining therapy and physical training, we have been able to ease pain and stiffness where other types of treatments have failed. We’ll get you off the massage couch and solve your body’s issues through movement whilst working on your fitness.

No more boring gym routines

One-two-one sessions are conducted at our Salisbury based, purpose built studio. You won’t find heavy gym equipment or treadmills! Sessions are a mixture of functional strength & flexibility equipment as well as bodyweight training. We’ll keep you motivated so you enjoy the challenge and never get bored.

Ease back pain, joint pain, neck pain and muscle soreness

Our focus is on functional flexibility, movement and strength for a long and healthy life. Working with us will ease your back pain, joint pain, neck pain and muscle soreness so you feel happier and healthier. It stimulates the brain AND the body. Going to the gym isn’t all about six-packs!

Improve your performance

We understand what it takes to succeed, whether you are a professional or amateur athlete, and we take a holistic view of your fitness. Sometimes even the most minor adjustment to your training methods and functional movement can make all the difference in achieving your goals.

What we do

You are an individual! We will draw upon the following methodologies to provide personalised, flexible training and therapy sessions that really work.

Functional Patterns

Training designed for life, not just the gym. Functional Patterns are known worldwide as leaders in functional human movement. You’ll build a powerful core, improve balance and coordination, increase resilience to injury, get a warrior-like grip and improve cardiovascular conditioning. And you’ll also have a body designed to take you into your later years which allows you to continue with what you enjoy doing now.

Anatomy In Motion (AIM)

The goal of AIM is to find the underlying cause of your pain or dysfunction so it can be successfully treated. We look at the whole body through assessment and treatment, from the feet upwards, to identify why you are getting reoccurring pain. Often the site of pain is just a symptom and not the root of the problem.

Stick Mobility

Unlike traditional forms of stretching, Stick Mobility works differently by basing the stretches on multiple tissues, rather than one tissue at a time. We combine this with breathing techniques to improve your movement, flexibility and posture. You’ll be able to stretch far deeper than you ever have before.


This revolutionary technique involves lengthening the spine through a series of postural exercises for each vertebra. Designed to create space in your spine to effectively alleviate acute and chronic back pain and problems with your hips, ribs, skull and shoulders.

Applied Movement Neurology (AMN)

AMN is one of the most advanced pain management systems in health and fitness today. It is designed to recalibrate your whole system to create a healthy and balanced body. We use AMN to help with joint pain, muscle soreness, limited flexibility and much more.

Are you ready to work with our personal trainer in Salisbury to improve your strength, flexibility and fitness?

Happy, healthy clients

We can honestly say, some of our clients have transformed their bodies and health by working with us. Some have even said what we do is so amazing that it must be Voodoo!

Here’s what some of them have to say.

After a serious fall snowboarding – breaking both tibia and fibula – doctors told me it would take a good year to get walking again. After five months of hospital physio, I was still using a walking stick.

A friend recommended I speak to James, and after one AMN session, I walked without the stick. I was so impressed I carried on and three months later, I was driving and walking around Orlando, back to normal. Within a year, I was snowboarding again and feeling great. A massive thank you to James. Words cannot describe how great I feel being able to enjoy my life again. It’s something I thought I may never do again.

Anthony Luckett

Classes with James have completely changed how I understand physical health. The methods used may seem odd at first, but the benefits are instantly recognisable. It focuses on functional flexibility and strength in a holistic way that gyms, yoga, pilates and physiotherapists don’t meet. It’s explained in an understandable way. His AMN treatment has also worked its magic and successfully healed the physical and mental limitations I have held for years. Goodbye back pain, joint pain, neck pain and muscle soreness. It’s hard to express how much benefit I have felt from James’ work – you’ll just have to try it and see for yourself! Trust me, it’ll be worth it. Cheers James.

Daniel Wilkinson

I have been attending weekly ELDOA and Stick Mobility classes with James since October 2019. I cannot believe the improvements in my flexibility and stretchiness. He has an awe-inspiring understanding of the human body and can work individually on specific problem areas. His classes are challenging, but as James mentions, flexibility should be part of our daily routine. The classes are fun, and I always feel proud of myself for what I have achieved and James is always on hand to help if I struggle.

Julie Horne

What we can offer you

At INNOV8 you won’t find choreographed classes, large intimidating groups, or Lycra clad or tight vested gym bunnies. Sessions are always tailored to suit those in the room and they’re personal capabilities.

Groups are kept small so everyone gets the opportunity for any help should they need it. And, just like with 1-1 training, the emphasis is always upon movement ability and flexibility. You can still get a big sweat on just doing our flexibility & posture classes if that’s what you’re looking for. And, as Salisbury’s leading steel mace, club-bell, and Kettlebell trainer, you can be guaranteed you’ll get an amazing workout without having to throw heavy weights around.

I like to think INNOV8 are ahead of the game when it comes to new and innovative classes.

As Salisbury’s only certified Animal flow instructor, I’ll help you discover a new and fun way to train your body like never before.

And with an exclusive mix of Anatomy in motion, Eldoa & Stick mobility, you’ll become more flexible, mobile and build a stronger posture than in any other class around.

Why not come experience it all for yourself, and feel the INNOV8 group difference.

Morning Group Timetable

Tuesday: 09:30  Ladies Golf Class
Thursday: 13.00 Flexibility class
Saturday: 09:30  Functional Workouts

Evening Group Timetable

Tuesday: 18.30 Flexibility and Posture
Thursday: 18:30 Functional Workouts

Seniors Classes

Monday: 10:30
INNOV8 are specialists in functional training for the over 50’s using brain based mobility training. Try our sessions and discover what your bodies still capable of.


Book your group sessions online and secure your place

  • July11Thursday
    Functional Workout Class
    6:30 pm 7:30 pm
  • July13Saturday
    Functional Workout Class
    9:30 am 10:30 amPortway Business Centre, Old Sarum, Salisbury SP4 6QX, UK
  • July15Monday
    Seniors Classes
    10:10 am 11:10 am
  • July16Tuesday
    Ladies Golf Class
    10:00 am 11:00 amPortway Business Centre, Old Sarum, Salisbury SP4 6QX, UK
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Functional Workout Class £9.00
Flexibility class £9.00
Flexibility and Posture £9.00
Ladies Golf Class £9.00
Seniors Classes £9.00
James Tilley
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As a senior citizen I have found that regular attendance had helped considerably to control lumber pain and improve my posture

David Upshall